The Bounce

“The farther backward you look, the farther forward you can see.” — Sir Winston Churchill Shares are entitled to a bounce from what has been the third-steepest, nine-day descent in at least the past 49 years. The recent thrashing is in good company: Only Black Monday and the October ’08 bloodbath were more severe. The... [more]

Gentlemen Prefer Bonds

“Gold and silver are money. Everything else is credit.” — J.P. Morgan Supply/demand quotients are unfavorable for intermediate-term speculation. Leadership was ample out of the July 1 low and contributed to a playable move. But the glamours that took the reins... [more]

And The Cold Wind Blows

“Now, this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.”                 — Sir Winston Churchill To put the liquidation into perspective, shares’ decline over the past 10 sessions has been the harshest since March ’09, but nowhere close to... [more]

Against The Odds

“Don’t get caught up trying to catch every possible move. Successful traders don’t stand out in the open with a shotgun, they hide in the bushes with a rifle.”             — James Hearndon Last week’s fraying at the edges in a number of the cycle’s speculative growth stock... [more]

Risk On

  “Rule number one for success is make your own rules.”                 — Paul Stanley Shares have had a fair amount thrown at them, and yet they hold up. Regardless of the outcome of the Washington budget talks, and the initial reaction thereto, the direction of least resistance... [more]

Damp Gets Damper

“The trader who tries to blame his losses on external events will never learn from his mistakes. For a trader, rationalization is a guaranteed road to ultimate failure.”                     — Victor Sperandeo An oversold market was given no reprieve Tuesday (7), as participants reacted to Mr. B’s... [more]

Sell In May And Go Away?

“To anticipate the market is to gamble; to be patient and react only when the market gives the signal is to speculate.”                                          — Jesse Livermore Shares remain at the mercy of the de-risk trade, manifested by upward revaluation in the dollar,... [more]

Be Careful What You Wish For

“A speculator is one who runs risks of which he is aware and an investor is one who runs risks of which he is unaware.”                     — John Maynard Keynes                     Shares, in light of all the head-shaking and “wows” elicited by the... [more]

The Breakout

I see trading more as a sporting challenge and try to erase the thought of the money.”                    –Paul Rotter Shares broke out of a textbook, nine-week, head-and-shoulders continuation pattern Tuesday, though Wednesday’s Fed meeting and press conference kept a lid on volume. As the below... [more]


“Trends always go further than rational people expect, or even imagine. In a very uncertain world, perhaps nothing makes more sense than simply following trends.” –John Henry Shares have stalled within spitting distance of the February highs as concerns over rich oil prices begin to bite. Based upon the tepid... [more]