By Ask Gil

January 10, 2012 12:08 am ET

Q: i am an australian subcriber that lives outside the US, in Malaysia. I love your reports and learn a great deal from them. My main challenge is the time zone. Malaysia is 12 hours ahead of New York. I currently work during the day and later trade in the first hour and set limits/stop losses on my trades. It’s not the optimum way of trading your way but at the moment I have little alternative. My question is do you think your trading strategies can still work when some people have restrictive access to the market during the trading day? i am open to getting up during the night but not sure when as key decision times vary from day to day.

G: I believe that given the price guidelines I put out in the report with respect to various stocks, if one has a trading platform that allows one to set automatic buy-stop and sell-stop orders on the system then it is feasible to make use of the ideas. Often, when I sell short, my cover point is an automatic buy/cover-stop order so that my emotions do not get in the way.