By Ask Gil

January 10, 2012 12:10 am ET

Q: I am looking for direction in the market. Is the Gilmo Report for me?

G: The way I make “recommendations” is to discuss an idea I like and under what conditions I would move to buy the stock. So readers should make note of my comments regarding a particular idea and then be ready to take action when the conditions I have outlined occur. I prefer this method since I believe sending an email forces readers to become overly dependent on being fed a fish, rather than learning to fish themselves. The intent behind the entire website is to introduce ideas and the thinking behind those ideas, including the conditions under which a stock should be purchased, and allow readers to incorporate some of their own judgment into the process. I consider my website more of a guiding service and not a “buy here, sell here, buy here, sell here” service that essentially leads subscribers around by the nose.

I feel that I am helping subscribers most by imparting an understanding of how and why an idea becomes actionable, and then to allow them to take these guidelines and impart their own judgment, timing, and thought to it. In this way I feel subscribers are empowered over time. I understand that over time a subscriber might become increasingly empowered as they learn from my thinking and eventually have no need for the website and cancel their subscription, but I feel that if this is the case then I have done my job. On the other hand, if this is not what the subscriber is looking for, then obviously they should not be a subscriber. In the end, the consumer is king!