Gilmo Toolbox

Price Target Spreadsheet (xls)
Ants for eSignal (efs)
This is an .efs file for eSignal that will place tiny black triangles above the price bars on a daily chart when the stock is up 12 out of 15 days in a row or better. You would go into your esignal Program Files folder, then click on the Formulas Folder, then click on the Downloads Folder and save the file to there. When you bring up a daily chart on eSignal, right click on the chart, and then click on Formulas down at the bottom, then click on Downloads. That will put the ants indicator on your daily chart. If you have any problems with this, please contact eSignal tech support.

Candlesticks for Idiots (efs)
This is an .efs file for eSignal that produces charts like the following:

Average Intraday Volume Calculator for eSignal (xls)
This is a spreadsheet for eSignal users that calculates on a real-time basis how active a stock is trading vs. its average intraday volume. A separate calculation for average daily dollar volume is also included.