The Gilmo Report

September 11, 2022

September 10, 2022 11:41 pm ET

The first book I wrote on short-selling, a book titled, How to Make Money Selling Stocks Short (John Wiley & Sons, 2004) that I ghost-wrote for Bill O’Neil, talked about the three-day rule. That is the basic idea that the market will have normal reaction bounces of as much as three days within an overall downtrend at which point you could revisit and re-enter short-sale target stocks.

When we first shopped that book around, Bill’s publisher, McGraw-Hill, which had published the iconic How to Make Money Selling Stocks Short, turned it down. They felt it was just too negative. So, we went over to John Wiley & Sons, and they jumped all over it. The book continues to sell well McGraw-Hill has since regretted its decision.

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