Merci beaucoups for your assistance! Learning a lot from you all!

Gerrette Bitetti

I wanted to write to express my gratitude for making your expertise available to self-taught home traders such as myself through your books, social media, and your website. Through what I’ve gathered from you via these outlets I find your knowledge and experience to be among the most sensible and realistic of any trader I’ve studied, and most aligned with my own approach to trading.

Leon Tefft

Thank you for all you do to help so many people.  All the best wishes to you and your family for 2019.

Tony Lauerman

As I take stock of myself at this traditional time for doing so, I can say with all humility that I have improved more rapidly and efficiently than at any other period in my life.  It’s not that in the past I have been lazy or even wanted to underperform, it’s because the teachers I sought out before never truly taught me what and how great performance works.  Or I didn’t learn.  As your student I am learning to be more effective, efficient, and impactful – in my work and in all quarters of my life.  It’s like a freedom to be my best version of myself at this moment, with an awareness of the focus and work required of me to further advance…

As a form of self-discipline, I have honored your desire that I thank you less, but truly, that’s all nonsense.  As your student, your friend, I remind you that it was your vibe that brought me to you – in all my flawed glory.  I am now blossoming as I learn to think correctly and I do have you to thank, Gil.  To my eye, your generous gifts to others, including me, is beauty in its purest form.  Thank you.

Jo P

I like your reports. They help keep a consistent outlook on the markets and actionable stocks given the craziness we have been seeing over the last few months. Thanks again.

Steve Leonard

Your premium membership is very good with the videos and the report is very valuable.

Harry Zinser

Yesterday Gil did an incredibly thrall and detailed overview regarding some of the challenges that I was having on the 620 chart in relation to an ETF that I was trading last week. I was under the impression this would be covered over maybe 1 – 2 minutes, however, the in-depth analysis was of great value to me for 3 primary reasons.

1. To take the time to review this over 10 minutes and really go into detail shows the level of commitment Gil has to his members’ success.

2. Gil’s insight into what I was doing wrong both technically on the charts, and what my risk tolerance levels probably should have been on this particular trade, will save me headaches, time, and money. (He also explained specifically where i most likely went wrong in the trade.)

3. The value of this type of feedback in conjunction with the interaction on the video report, in my opinion, is a 10 out of 10.

Jordan Nold

I love the mosaic charts – Thanks for all you do.

Frank Bryan

Enjoyed the new presentation of tonight’s report — very helpful and gives a good view of each sector — video also helpful.

Harold Gustin

Love the combo charts at a glance. Easy to tell the wolf pack story.

Michael Pons