Your blog is unbelievably valuable.  The trading ideas are fine, but the value is the insight into your thinking and experience. Just sharing a big THANKS.
Tony Lauerman

Just wanted to thank you for the new GILMO Blog. It’s great and very helpful for a newer investor like myself. I’m learning much more from you now. I can’t always monitor the market in real time so this can alert me to log in and take action. Thanks again Gil.

Jay Gilliam

I’m sure you get lots of good email too, but I will pile on. You are AWESOME. Great real time comments, funny as hell and great teacher. I’m an anesthesiologist so am on the computer a lot during slow part of surgery. I am so grateful for your teaching and the humor is a great big bonus that makes life fun.

Ron Powell

Just wanted to drop a quick but big THANK YOU! I read “Disciples” and started looking at the market very differently. Your tweets have been AWESOME and I just recently subscribed to the gilmoreport. I’ve learned so much more in your book and the reports, and now your tweets have been providing unbelievably helpful commentary as I strive to become more consistent on my own. Thanks again and please keep doing what you’re doing. Looking forward to your next book, the reports, and tweets.

Jacob Neill

Just wanted to say how much I look forward to your reports and your tweets thru out the day.  Your guidance has been very helpful.  Have a great holiday season and thank you!

Jim Parks

Just a short note to say thanks for your outstanding reports…I cannot tell you how much I have solidified my understanding (esp on the short side) because of them…they are truly outstanding and you have been more than generous in sharing your personal knowledge and techniques for what I consider to be a more that fair price in what you guys charge…I truly take a considerable amount of time not only to read them but study them and I am getting better and better…..and while it is always a tough game…I now am wearing down my personal barriers…

Usually…at least in my business..one only hears complaints when things are not good so I just wanted to send a short note of thanks for a job really well done…

Bradley Reese

Just wanted to give you some plaudits about your daily Tweets. It has helped my trading to understand your thoughts as the day goes by in real time. Your thoughts are those of a pro and when I have the same thoughts in real time and get validation from your Tweets, it gives me more confidence that I am on the right track. I swing trade 60min charts and have been doing much better since you have started to use Twitter.

You have helped me build confidence in my trading and I thank you for that. My bottom line has turned to the positive. I thank you and keep up the good work. PS. It’s OK in my book for you to get pissed off now and then at webinar questions…we are all big boys and if not, then shouldn’t be trading.

Chuck Ballantine

Thank you for taking the time to put these together!  This newsletter is fantastic.

Matthew Keyes

As a sales guy by day and market follower by night I love your reports.  Your reports are the only outlet/friend that I have that I really trust and respect.

Emmett Erwin

What I have learned is priceless. Yet it is so obvious when pointed out. Again thank you, I just wish I would  have known about you years ago when I started on this long journey to become a trader.

Rex Holland